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How to Identify a Good Grant Writer

Finding a good grant writer may seem like an impossible task. One of the many complaints I’ve heard from non-profit organizations is the difficulty associated with finding a grant writer who is ethical. To make the process of finding an ethical grant writer much simpler, it would be wise to know what to look for.…

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How to Find and Get Grants for Small Business

Grants for small business do exist. However, they are not usually available to for profit businesses. With that said, there are ways that you can still get them. The key to finding grants for small business is research, research, research! There are several ways you can research grants for small business. The first way is…

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Small Business Loans for Bad Credit Do Exist

Contrary to popular belief, small business loans for bad credit do exist. The first step in obtaining them is knowing where to go to apply. While most traditional lenders do not offer small business loans for bad credit, there are lenders that do. Those lenders are called “microlenders.” Microlenders are typically non-traditional lenders that are…

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