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Be Prepared BEFORE you go to the bank

Something that I notice is that people are generally TOTALLY UNPREPARED when they go to the bank. A lot of times these clients will walk in wondering if they would qualify for a loan or line of credit and then ask the banker to run their credit in order to find out whether or not…

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If you think that you can not get a loan because your credit is poor or your business is new…THINK AGAIN. President Obama recently announced that they are raising the cap on microloans so that those previously considered as non bankable are able to qualify for funding of up to $50,000.00. The money is available…

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Asset Based Lending

In this market there are a lot of people having trouble finding financing. Even those with great credit are trying to find the right bank so that someone could get them some MONEY!!!! It is SCARY OUT THERE. However, there are solutions. Microloans are turning out to be the new heros in this hard ecomonic…

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